Meet The Team

Secondary School
  • Ms Valentina Trpkoska

    Counselor, DP TOK teacher Macedonia

    Ms. Valentina has been an educator for 20 years being both a teacher and a counselor. In BISS she is the school counselor and the TOK teacher. She is enthusiastic about students’ wellbeing, students' learning, and their future endeavors.

  • Ms Jing Zhai

    MYP/ DP Chinese Language & Literature Teacher, Language and Literature Department Coordinator, SAT Test Supervisor USA

    Prior to joining BISS, Ms Zhai worked with Marquette University in Wisconsin in US as the Chinese instructor and program coordinator, working primarily to set up the Chinese program. A Beijing native, Ms Zhai holds a Master’s degree in Foreign Language and Literature from the University of Wisconsin. Upon graduation, Ms Jing Zhai worked as faculty members at University of Notre Dame in Indiana in US and at Marquette University.

  • Mr David Wang

    MYP Chinese Acquisition Intermediate (Phase 3&4), DP Chinese Ab Initio China

    Mr Wang has been working as a Chinese teacher more than 30 years. He loves Chinese culture and has the passion to share his knowledge of Chinese culture with his students and colleagues. He holds a Master of Education from Beijing Culture and Language University.

  • Mr Juan Camilo Ramirez

    MYP/ DP Humanities Teacher USA

    Mr. Ramirez has over 8 years of experience teaching humanities and languages in the U.S.A, South America, and China. He is passionate about informing, inspiring, and empowering students to become responsible and active global citizens. Mr. Ramirez beliefs the creation of an effective and inclusive community of learners in the classroom will spur students' confidence, creativity, and, critical thinking skills that would enable students to unleash their academic potential. Mr. Ramirez was born in California and raised in Miami, FL and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in International Relations.

  • Mr Scott Anthony Shead

    MYP/ DP Business Teacher AU

    Mr Shead has over 10 years teaching experience with 5 years in China. As a Business teacher, he is passionate about making student’s aware of their place in their community and in the wider world with a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical corporate behavior. His teaching philosophy is “I want my students to come to my class because they want to, not because they have to”. Mr Shead comes from Australia with a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary School) and with a Bachelor Degree in Business (with Majors in Accounting and Finance) from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

  • Mr Dinesh Kurup

    MYP/ DP Physics and Science Teacher India

    Mr. Kurup taught undergraduate students back in India for 16 years then moved to Lagos Nigeria for 5 years working as A level Physics teacher and HOD Science/ Mathematics. In 2016 moved to Beijing worked for a public-school (Renda Fu Zhong) teaching A levels/IB/AP Physics for 4 years. July 2020 moved to SUIS Xiamen as middle school science teacher and Science coordinator for a year. Currently working in BISS Beijing as IB Physics and MYP Science teacher. An Indian by origin, Mr. Kurup completed all the education in India and has been in this teaching field for 26 years.

  • Mr Zdravko Prsic (Peter Willis)

    MYP/ DP Design and Technology / Computer Science teacher Serbia

    Mr Prsic has 10 years of teaching experience, 7 years of which were in China. Holds Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management, English Language and Literature and Computer Science. Earned his Master’s in Education at Moreland University in Washington DC and has teaching license issued by the OSSE (Office of the State Superntendent of Education). Before joining BISS, he was leading the Science department at Beijing 21st Century International School. At BISS, he teaches MYP/DP Design and Technology and Computer Science where he aims to further develop critical thinking, technology and creativity skills among students and have them design and create products and solutions to some of the real-life problems on a local and global scale. His personal interests include mountain climbing, swimming and competitive archery.

  • Mr Greg Chmielinski

    MYP/ DP Math Teacher Poland

    Mr Greg Chmielinski has been a mathematics teacher for over 10 years. He finished his postgraduate degree in England later on embarked on mastering his mathematics proficiency at Cambridge University where he obtained a certificate for Teaching Advance Mathematics. Mr Chmielinski taught all abilities, including A levels in his first 7 years of teaching in London before moving to China. Mr Chmielinski’s first international school oversees was in Qingdao where he taught IGCSE, Additional Mathematics and IB. After 3 years he decided to come to Beijing and he is very excited at the prospect of teaching the best subject of all at BISS.

  • Ms Charlie Jean Spietz

    MYP/ DP Art Teacher USA

    Ms. Spietz has obtained degrees in both Fine Art—with a concentration on painting, drawing, and printmaking—and another in Art History from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Throughout her time at University, she studied abroad in both Italy and Costa Rica where she learned Italian and Spanish. Upon arriving in China three years ago for a teaching position, she began independent study in Chinese. Besides her interest in language acquisition, she is passionate about studying culture through art. Her personal interests outside of artmaking include reading, practicing yoga, skateboarding, hiking, traveling, cooking, and scuba diving. She is almost always smiling and full of energy. Her teaching philosophy is to allow students to discover new techniques on their own and guide them along the way. She constantly references art history in her classes and motivates students to draw inspiration from other artists. Throughout her five years experience teaching children from all different ages and backgrounds, she has gained such an appreciation for integrated education.

  • Mr Ray Liu

    MYP/ DP Music Teacher China

    Mr. Liu is a multi-award-winning music educator, music education researcher, and musician. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree, Summa Cum Laude. He also holds a Master of Arts degree from University of Houston. His goal of music education is to inspire students to be creative, brave, and respectful. Mr. Liu has a passion for nurturing students and aims to guide students to live a more balanced life using music as a means for thinking critically, building confidence, and maintaining a positive attitude. He has more than ten years of experience in teaching music to various age groups, from kindergarteners to professionals. In addition to teaching, he has published music education papers in national core journals such as Musical Instrument Magazine. As a performing artist, Mr. Liu’s experiences include Strawberry Stage of Strawberry Music Festival, Asian American Festival at Lexington Battin Hall, NAMM Show at Anaheim Convention Center, Music China, and “Voice of Wuhan” album debut China Tour.