Meet The Team

School Board
  • Mrs Ching Oi Chan

    CEO Singapore

    Mrs. Chan is the Chief Executive Officer of the ISS Education Group that comprises the International School of Singapore (ISS), the Centre of American Education (based in Singapore) and the Beijing BISS International School. She has been the Chairperson of the BISS School Board since it’s founding in 1994.

    Mrs Chan holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) from the University of Singapore and an M Sc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of California at the San Francisco Medical Center. She started her career as a pharmacist for the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) and then as Head of the Pharmacy Department at the Singapore General Hospital. In all, she worked 28 years with the MOH before embarking on a second career in international education.

    Mrs Chan is passionate about education and is a firm believer in the enabling effect of education in the lives of young people. She is fully committed to the success of the educational institutions in the Group.

  • Mrs Mun-E Tan

    Deputy CEO Singapore

    Mrs Tan has a background in banking, starting her career with the Development Bank of Singapore. She was responsible for the banking needs of corporate clients and later managed the syndication of loans as well as the bank's overseas branches when she moved onto international banking.

    Mrs Tan made her transition into education 13 years ago in joining the ISS Group. She has spent time in all the schools and campuses under the Group, involving her work in the various departments within the schools. This was in addition to her involvement with the school board since the mid-90s. As preparation for the challenges of work in the educational arena, Mrs Tan has received a Masters in School Counseling from University of Buffalo, the State University of New York (SUNY Buffalo).

  • Mr Clarence Lim

    BISS Board Member Singapore

    Mr Clarence Lim's busy career had seen him as an English teacher in the Singapore primary to high school levels; involved in the publishing industry at Times Publishing and EPB Publishers in Singapore, and later as Managing Director of the Oxford University Press, Singapore. He had also taught and produced test materials on English language course for staff at the Beijing Television Station. Mr Lim is presently freelancing as an Editor.

  • Mr Leong Weng Kam

    BISS Board Member Singapore

    Mr Leong Weng Kam, a senior writer with The Straits Times, is a veteran journalist who started his journalistic career as a reporter with the Singapore Armed Forces' monthly Pioneer magazine in 1975. He joined The Straits Times as a bilingual reporter in 1977 when the paper launched its Bilingual Page. Later, he moved to the other desks, writing news reports and features for the local news, China, foreign, and political desks and the Life! section of the paper. He was one of the three senior journalists from the paper tasked to write the book, Men In White, The Untold Story Of Singapore's Ruling Political Party, which was published in 2009. His current writing interests include Singapore political history, the local Chinese community, Chinese culture and history, Singapore-China relations and new Chinese immigrants in Singapore. He has a bachelor of arts degree in Chinese language and literature from Beijing Normal University, and master of arts degrees in Asia Pacific Studies and contemporary China from University of Leeds and Nanyang Technological University respectively.

  • Ms Karen Kaylor

    BISS Board Member USA

    Since 2003, Ms Karen Kaylor has been the Director of the US Education Information Center in Singapore. USEIC is the official US Department of State Education office for Singapore. USEIC offices provide comprehensive, unbiased, and timely information about higher education opportunities in the USA.

    With a Master's Degree in Political Science and Public Administration, Karen has worked in US higher education both as a university lecturer and in university admissions for over 25 years. She has lived in Singapore since 1990. She is a member of the Overseas Association of College Admissions Counselors and NAFSA: The Association of Foreign Student advisers and has presented papers at both conferences. Karen has toured more than 200 different US College and university campuses and is versed in accentuating commonalities and differences among the more than 4,200 degree granting institutions in the US.