Meet The Team

Secondary School
  • Dr Spyros Kitsionas

    Diploma Programme Assistant Coordinator; Science (Chemistry); Mathematics Coordinator/ Extended Essay Coordinator; ATL Coordinator Greece

    Dr. Kitsionas was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He has worked as a teacher at the IBDP of a large private school in Athens, Greece for the last 8 years. He has taught primarily DP Mathematics and occasionally DP Physics. Before focusing on secondary education, he worked as a researcher in Astrophysics at research institutes in Athens, Greece and Potsdam, Germany (with an EU scholarship) following the completion of his doctoral thesis at Cardiff University, U.K. During the last 20 years, he has been teaching all Science subjects to both secondary school and university undergraduate students.

    He believes that learning is a never ending process. He works constantly on exploring new questions and subjects, and working consistently on his personal and professional development. In his teaching he focuses primarily on conveying scientific enquiry skills as the means to the deeper understanding of the subject material.

    During his teaching career he continued working in parallel on scientific projects involving the modelling of astrophysical fluids, e.g. the modelling of Star Formation, the modelling of Galaxy Formation and Evolution, etc. He enjoys various genres of music (classical, jazz, rock), singing in choirs, participating in team sports (soccer, basketball, water polo) and working out with pilates and yoga. He also enjoys exploring new places and cultures as well as seeking quiet moments with family and friends.

  • Mr Javier Bahilo

    English Acquisition/ ESOL/ Coordinator Spain

    Mr Javier Bahilo was born in Valencia, Spain until he moved to the city of Requena, his wife’s beautiful hometown; he was searching for new teaching experiences and a more rural lifestyle for his first daughter María. He earned his BA in Spanish + MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Valencia. While at college he worked for three summers in a day camp in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA; this experience made him decide to become a teacher. He started teaching right after graduation in 1992 so he now has more than 20 years experience in teaching ESOL.

    Javier likes hiking, swimming, cinema, theatre and cooking, but he feels his best when having friends and his family around. They are really the sunshine of his life. Teaching at BISS has not only given him a fabulous chance to enrich his teaching career but also the possibility to get to know deeply his adopted daughter Mei Li’s ancestral homeland.

  • Mr Deepak Tyagi

    Design/Technology; ESOL Support India

    Deepak Tyagi is from India and has a Master Degree of Computer Science, with a dual degree in Business management. Deepak Tyagi has been teaching in Beijing, China since 2006 and has taught IB/AP/IGCSE curriculums in subjects ranging in Design & Technology, Computer Science and Business Management. At BISS he is teaching MYP/DP Design & Technology. Mr. Deepak encourages students in active learning by hands-on interactive projects and discrete applications for Computer Science. Out of class, he loves to talk and discuss with friends in fields as robotics, aerospace and drones commercial aspects.

    Mr. Deepak interests are Chinese culture, visiting historical sites, making new friends, reading and traveling. Mr. Deepak has two daughters studying in Chinese primary school, both are fluent in Chinese language and local culture. His wife is an Indian national who is also a teacher in Beijing. HIs entire family can speak Chinese and enjoy living in Beijing.

  • Mr Adam Davis

    Mathematics USA

    Prior to teaching in China, Mr. Davis gained fundamental experience as an educator in dichotomous contexts by teaching in both the urban public school setting in the U.S. and the rural setting of Kabula, Kenya at St. Theresa’s Parochial School. Since then, over the last four years, Mr. Davis has been teaching Canadian curriculum to Chinese students enrolled in the Sino-Canadian, dual-diploma programs offered at public schools throughout the Hebei province and Beijing.

    Throughout his career, Mr. Davis has taught Secondary Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry and holds two degrees from his home state of Indiana, a Bachelor’s of Science in Education and a Master’s of Science in Literacy, Culture and Language Education from Indiana University.

    Believing that experience is the best education, Mr. Davis strives to integrate the student into the concept (a first person POV), wherein they feel or become the phenomenon of interest or curriculum concept (whether literally or in simulation). By doing so, a richer understanding and more permanent “memory burn” results, which makes the concept easier to retrieve when it is needed to be accessed and applied.

    In his free time, you can find Mr. Davis strumming on his Ukulele or jogging with his wife on a nice day.

  • Mr Mark Higgs

    English Language & Literature/ Co-coordinator (MYP); ESOL Support England

    Mark is from England, the United Kingdom. Though he taught in the U.K. for a few years, he has spent most of his career overseas. This includes eight years in South Korea, and the last two years in China, Tianjin at an Australian international school.

    He obtained a Masters of Teaching English as a Foreign and Second Language. Mark has attended many workshops and conferences while in South Korea, and is very interested in staying current with recent trends and to develop professionally.

    He and his wife are both looking forward to moving to Beijing after living in a remote area for the last two years. They hope to use this opportunity to explore and get to know this wonderful city more during the weekends.

    He enjoys most sports, however football is his biggest love by far. He still loves to play, and is very passionate about coaching students. Mark hopes to have the opportunity to play and coach football at BISS.

    He is really looking forward to working in a family oriented school like BISS and building positive professional relationships with students and colleagues.

  • Mr Jeffrey Young

    Athletic Director; Physical & Health Education USA

    Mr. Young, has been a resident in Beijing since the summer of 2016. He came to Beijing to educate Chinese Physical Education in the World’s game, football. A native of New Jersey, he has lived in Europe for the past 11 years, in addition to a three year stint in Los Angeles, California.

    Mr. Young developed his interest in Physical and Health Education stems from his studies in the Netherlands where he earned his degree in Sport Science and Kinesiology. Mr Young has a Masters in Sport Management, which provides him with knowledge and experience to lead out ASA and athletic programs at BISS.

  • Mr Pambos Chatzithomas

    Individuals & Societies (Economics & Business Management); ESOL Support; ASAs Coordinator Greece

    Mr. Pambos Chatzithomas comes from Athens, Greece. He holds an MBA and BSc Degree from the University of Aston in Birmingham in the UK, the Diploma in Marketing from the Institute of Marketing and, on examination and after election to membership, has qualified as a Diploma Member of The Market Research Society UK.

    Born in Ghana, raised in Qatar and Cyprus, Mr. Chatzithomas went to the UK for his University tenure and embarked on his career with Procter & Gamble Hellas S.A. and after 5 years left as a Senior Brand Manager to join Pepsi Cola International MENA Division in Dubai, UAE as Field Marketing Manager for the lower Gulf. Within 5 years he grew to Market Manager Arabian Peninsula, to Marketing Manager of the entire MENA Division (22 countries) and to Country Market Manager of Jordan. He then returned to Greece and started working for many years at the IB Diploma level teaching Business Management & Economics fulfilling his wish to share with his students his invaluable experience with multinationals.

    In 2016 he followed his wife to Beijing, China and now works at BISS International School in Beijing where he expands on his multicultural savvy teaching international and local students at the IB DP level.

    Mr. Pambos Chatzithomas loves learning and taking on new challenges and is always willing to assist colleagues and students.

  • Ms Tomoko Takimoto

    Japanese Language & Literature Japan

    Ms. Takimoto hails from Japan, she holds the Bachelor of Art in Literature from Aoyama Gakuin University. She has taught English and Japanese to Junior High and High School l students for several years until my first son was born.

    She has been residing in Beijing for the past three years with her husband and two children. During her time in China she has continued her education by studying Chinese Language at the University in Beijing.

    In her free time she enjoys expanding her knowledge of China and Chinese cultures with exciting travels.

  • Ms Amy Lithimane

    Visual Arts/ Coordinator; ToK USA

    Amy Lithimane was born and raised in the rural state of Iowa, after her family immigrated as refugees from Laos. She has been an artist educator ever since completing Boston University’s five year BFA/MFA Studio Arts Teaching program, focusing in graphic design and is certified to teach PreK-12. She has also studied in Venice, Italy at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica. She was previously a part-time Assistant Professor of Photography/Video and Graphic Design at Montserrat College of Art and Endicott College, both located in Beverly, Massachusetts. She has taught a multitude of photography and time-based media classes ranging from darkroom, studio, documentary, and to experimental video, as well as advised several successful senior theses to their final exhibitions.

    In addition to working at the university level, Amy has worked with all ages ranging from PreK to continuing education for adults in several different programs in the Greater Boston area. She previously mentored a winning team at the 100K ArtScience Prize, a former Boston after school program run through the Cloud Foundation. She has worked as a photography teacher for Boston University’s MA in Art Education program, as well as BU’s summer program for high school students. She is currently beginning her second year in international education as a visual arts teacher. She enjoys working with students of all levels and helping to nurture environments based around creativity, self-expression, and community engagement.

    Amy works as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. Her personal photography work revolves around in-depth portrait studies of people and places. She enjoys journaling and drawing while on her various travels, hiking and trail running, and baking homemade pies from scratch.

  • Mr David Wang

    Chinese Language Acquisition China

    Mr David Wang holds a Master of Education from Beijing Culture and Language University.

    He has been working as a Chinese teacher more than 30 years. He loves Chinese culture and has the passion to share his knowledge of Chinese culture with his students and colleagues.